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09-20-2018, 09:30 AM
Hey Phanteks members,
We are having a special promotion on PhanteksUSA.com until the end of October on our first Dual System case, the Mini XL and first power supply, the 1000 watt Revolt X.
We have bundled the two items together to offer a significant savings of 10% when using the promo code "10offMiniXLDS".
Follow the link and the promo code will automatically be added to your cart.
PhanteksUSA.com Mini XL DS + Revolt X 1000 (https://www.phanteksusa.com/discount/10offMiniXLDS?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Fenthoo-mini-xl-ds-revolt-x%3Fvariant%3D12628539670583)

The Combo will come with one Mini XL with dual system bracket pre installed plus one Revolt X 1000 watt power supply. Basically the foundation for a dual system. You can install a mATX and ITX motherboards at the same time, power cables are reduced by eliminating the Power Splitter and using the Revolt X.
The setup would be perfect for those looking to game and live stream without having the two process compete against each other and decrease overall performance.

Let's get some dual system case builds posted in here so we can see what you use your dual system case for.

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