View Full Version : syncing halo fan frames with asus aura

02-23-2019, 05:03 PM
I have 2 metal halo rgb frames (not the digital model) . they are daisy chained with the led in the shift case.

i open aura software and i click "settings" then "rgb headers" then "calibration". there is a single rgb header on my asus z390i. so i select it from a drop down and then click "next" to start the calibration.

the fans are supposed to change to either red, blue or green. but they are purple. they usually change from dark purple, to light purple to teal. same for the LED on the top of the case. i cant get them to change to red at all.

what am i missing? these are marketed as compatible with aura? the adapter was included with the fans. do i need a different adapter?

if i try to adjust them manually. yellow, green and teal all show as teal. blue, red and purple show as purple.

there are only 9 possible combinations for the calibration tool. i went through all of them. none of them work. but checking red, blue, green at least lets me get them to turn purple (which is what the rest is syncing to).

please help!

02-26-2019, 06:45 PM

i contacted support. i am an idiot. i had to disable the onboard RGB controller in the case first.

1 - unplug the rgb cable from the motherboard rgb header.
2 - plug a sata power cable to the cases sata port (this would be used if using the case button to cycle through rgb modes)
3 - hold case rgb button down for 5 seconds (the rgb light(s) will turn off, this means the built in controller is now off)
4 - remove sata power
5 - plug rgb cable back into motherboard header
6 - go back to asus aura sync software and run calibration tool again!

thank you phanteks support