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07-21-2016, 02:27 AM
Hi guys
My name is Paul and i'm from Romania.
I'm in process a building a rig for my bro, and i decided to get a Enthoo Luxe case for it, rest of components will be: MSI H170A GAMING PRO, I7 6700 non K, 16 Gb ram hyperx fury, corsair rmx 750w psu, scythe ninja 4,ssd+hdd*2,dvd,msi gtx 1070 gaming x. This will be a air cooled system as you can see.
If its not too much trouble i've got couple of question regarding the case:

1 those 3 fans (2 140 and 1 200) will be enough to cool and will they provide positive preasure?also how good are - i'm interesting is noise they're make and reliability
2 can i remove just 1 hdd cage? i want to remove the bottom cage
3 i want to put a led strip inside the cage to match the ones already in, can someone recommend a good one? i thnik 1 meter will be enough (or should i get more)
4 its worth to get more fans to maximize intake? like to put the 200 on top and those 140*2 to put in front plus 2 more: 140 or 120 on the bottom(intake) and 140 on rear (exhaust)?Mind that i want to keep psu shroud.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the bad english (thats not my native language)