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08-03-2016, 06:29 PM
After a few months of research, hardware acquisition from multiple sources, and building this beast, my animation rig is basically finished.

Case - Phanteks Enthoo Primo SE (Green)
MB - ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS Montherboard
CPU - (2) Xeon E5-2640 v4 2.4Ghz (OC'd to 2.67Ghz)
RAM - (4) Kingston KVR21R15D4/16 2133Ghz 16GB
Power Supply - EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2
GPU 1 - NVidia Quadro K2200 (temporary until Quadro M4000 arrives later)
GPU 2 - NVidia GTX Titan X

Boot Drive - Samsung Pro 950 M.2 512GB
Programs - Samsung Pro 850 SSD 1TB
Cache - Samsung Pro 850 SSD 256GB
Output - Western Digital 2.5" HHD Black 500GB
Projects - Western Digital 3.5" HHD Black 2TB
Storage - (2) Western Digital 3.5" HHD Black 2TB

Corsair H115i on CPU 1 (Push/Pull with default Corsair fans in Push position)
Corsair H90 on CPU 2 (Push/Pull with Corsair fan in Pull position)
Bottom Intake - (2) Phanteks PH-F140SP LED (green) [Though I do need an LED cable extension to connect the back fan LED to the case LED 4 cable]
Top Exhaust (Pull) - (2) Noctua NF-A14 FLX in Pull position for H115i and (1) PH-F140SP LED in Push position on H90
Rear Exhaust - Default fan, but I may swap with my last available F140SP LED fan


Due to budget reasons, I didn't want to install a full custom water cooling solution. With the Corsair water coolers in mind, I tried a number of configuration and was hoping two H100i's would work, but I needed about 10-15mm more to squeeze them in the top. In the end I chose to use an H115i and H90 in hopes that the CPUs would have decent temps at 100% utilization. The H115i keeps the CPU about 3 degrees Celsius lower than the H90, but at 100% utilization for days, the CPU cooled by the H90 never got above 49 degrees. Adding the extra fans on top in Pull position helped by reducing the CPU temperatures by 2-3 degrees. And since all the fans are in Quiet Mode for now, I'm okay with it. I may tweak the radiator and fan positions in the future, but I'm going to use this system as is until I need GPU rendering capabilities.


With the Z10PE-D16 WS Motherboard, the K2200 fits in PCI Slot 1 just fine. But any card that is longer, such as the Quadro M4000, would cover some of the RAM slots as shown below. In my current configuration, this will be okay since I'm not upgrading to 128GB of RAM anytime soon. But once I do, I'd have to move the M4000 down. For now I just have the K2200 in the bottom PCI slot for easy access. In fact, I only have it for benchmarking certain processes that use CUDA cores.

And if I upgrade to 128GB of RAM, I will also have to re-orient the Corsair H115i water-block by 90 degrees so that the USB link cable doesn't interfere. In the default installation configuration, the cable would clearly block the RAM slots below CPU1:

When/If I switch to GPU rendering, I'll be purchasing one more GTX 1080/GTX 1080i, or GTX Titan X Pasqual with a Corsair-style water cooler and rearrange my PCI slot arrangements. Then my current Titan X will be on the bottom PCI slot getting air from the bottom fans, the future GTX will be water cooled, and the Quadro K2200 or M4000 will be in the top-most slot. At least that's the plan.

And, yes, it is VERY HEAVY!!!

07-13-2017, 09:06 AM
Hi Friend I want to building a system in the case (Phanteks Enthoo Primo SE) with the same motherboard (ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS). Quick question. Did all the required mounting holes exist on the motherboard tray for this motherboard or did you have to drill the tray and put new standoffs?

Thanks a million