View Full Version : Phanteks Glacier led sync

04-26-2017, 02:39 AM
Hey !
just built my first custom loop in the Phanteks Evolv Atx TG ! It's gorgeous !
In this loop I included a Phanteks Glacier for my Asus Strix 1080.
It works fine, my gpu never goes above 63C under huge load ! (maybe it's a little high ?)
there is one thing however that's still unoying me : LED control.

Two options are present to control the Glacier's LED

Option A : connect the two led strips of the Glacier directly to your case using Phanteks RGB Cable for Phanteks Case. If you choose this option, you'll be abble to control leds with the case's led controler.

Option B : use Phanteks RGB Cable to allow your graphics card's built-in rgb header to control the Glacier's strips.

I choosed option B because it offers much more options than the case controller.
As the manual says, with this option I should be abble to sync the lighting with the case's led :

So, the thing is : how do I connect the 4 pin cable from the gpu block (shown in purple) to the case ? The manual says it needs the phanteks rgb adapter which is not included, but: It is included :) but still, I have no compatible plug for this connector. it's a really, really small 4 pin connector. Much smaller than a Pwm 4 pin fan thing.

I hope my problem is well described, English is not my birth language so please forgive my mistakes :)
Thanks for your help !