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Thread: Hardware Canucks Enthoo Primo Video Review

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    Hardware Canucks Enthoo Primo Video Review

    Video review of the Enthoo Primo.

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    Stellar review. You guys are knocking it out of the park.

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    I really appreciate the linking to all the new reviews of this case. Seems I notice something new with each one and just gives me more ideas about what all I want to do in this case when I finally get my hands on it.

    This review was ok, but another that was a shame they didn't watercool it. :/

    I mean, it's obvious this case was designed with the watercooling enthusiast in mind, so it only makes sense they ought to be putting cases in the hands of those who are going to showcase it's watercooling capabilities. It makes me wish Phanteks would send the girl at TastyPC a case so she could do a sweet watercooled build video review in one (or maybe they already did?). She's got watercooling build skilz - even has a sponsor for all the watercooling gear - just as many YT subscribers as monstermawd or hardwarecanucks has (& 3x what Hitechlegion has), and not to mention, but she's a WHOLE lot easier on the eyes than Jesse or George or Dimitri (sry guys). I'm just sayin'

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    I do agree Bill, she does watercooling builds for the viewers, she has an accent, and she's smoking hot.

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    Loren has an accent?
    She has great assets: Knowledge, building skill and speaks good English.
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    Well for us yanks she definitely has an accent. Speaking proper english is a rarity here in the states.

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    just gives me more ideas about what all I want to do in this case when I finally get my hands on it.

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    This video clip Useful to me.


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    Just bought it ! Incredible GooD!!! Thanks for Review guys. Hardware installation is a pure pleasure with Enthoo Primo.
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