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Thread: Need to replace window... any advice ?

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    Need to replace window... any advice ?

    I'm into air cooling and I love this case. Have a bunch of great blue led fans with fan controller but the teinted window hides the beauty oh the inside. I boughtfew blue led cathodes yet to install, and I would like to remove the window and put a clear one instead.I already took a look at it and saw those metal pins securing the window on the inside frame.. any Idea how to uninstall this and replace this window? Thank you.

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    My Primo window is not just a flat piece of acrylic. It is relieved to fit flush with face of side panel and has a raised lip on inside (I assume to increase edge strength). There are tabs through slotted holes in window bent over to secure it in place.

    I haven't tried removing window but should be fairly easy. Carefully bent the tabs up straight and slip window off of tabs and out. Probably need some good pliers to get tabs flat and straight so they will slide out of slotted holes.

    No offense but your not being able to see how window is mounted leads me to believe you may not have the experience and skills to remove window, make a replacement and install it. I don't know you so could easily be wrong, but be careful. It's good to push ourselves but we also need to know our limits.
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