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Thread: Phanteks CES 2014 - Enthoo Primo Special Edition cases, Enthoo Luxe & Enthoo Pro

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    Well you Phanteks guys have done it again, I already have a Primo and now I've pre-ordered a Luxe in white and I think its awesome, after seeing some videos and reviews. Love your products, I'll be doing a build log probably on OcUK website where I did "Primo Midas".

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    Sorry to be reviving this thread but i've been waiting eagerly for a Enthoo Primo Special Edition (one with red led on front), i know i could just grab a black enthoo primo and mod it but i sadly have no time or skills to do it.

    Is there any ETA for their arrival or pre-orders to begin ?

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    i just got the white luxe and wanted to know if i could get some white slot covers?


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    Welcome to forum FantomAU!
    How about buying a can of white spray paint and do them yourself.
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    Thanks for the good information.


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    its a shame there isnt any premade mods that can be purchased. Like diferent mounts or Front panel/filter designs something with RGB even.
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    Thank you for good information.

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