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Thread: Very disappointed with Side panel glass quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by owcraftsman View Post
    According to Webster
    +In science, the term glass is defined in a broader sense, encompassing every solid that possesses a non-crystalline (i.e. amorphous) structure and exhibits a glass transition when heated towards the liquid state. These sorts of glasses can be made of quite different kinds of materials: metallic alloys, ionic melts, aqueous solutions, molecular liquids, and polymers. For many applications (bottles, eyewear) polymer glasses (acrylic glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate) are a lighter alternative to traditional silica

    Therefore obviously GLASS can be polycarbonate, acrylic or more traditional Silicate. I believe your definition is limited at best but If you insist that glass is only Silicate then we shall have to agree to disagree.

    If you want to install new glass in your Primo I have a detailed work log linked below.

    Enthoo Primo New Custom Polycarbonate Glass work log
    You can dissagree, but that doesn't change the fact that glass is not made of plastic. Your quote from Merriam-Webster is from the medical definition and says; For many applications (bottles, eyewear) polymer glasses (acrylic glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate) are a lighter alternative to traditional silica glasses. The medical definition of "glass" is in reference to uses in glasses for correction of sight or sun glare.

    The basic Merriam-Webster definition of glass is:
    any of various amorphous materials formed from a melt by cooling to rigidity without crystallization

    as a noun is:
    glass noun (Concise Encyclopedia)

    Solid material, typically a mix of inorganic compounds, usually transparent or translucent, hard, brittle, and impervious to the natural elements (“vitreous properties”). It is made by cooling molten ingredients fast enough so no visible crystals form. A poor conductor of heat and electricity, glass takes on colours when certain metal oxides are included in the mix. Most glass breaks easily. Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass. Everyday glass (soda-lime or soda-lime-silica) is made of silica (silicon dioxide), soda (sodium carbonate), and limestone (calcium carbonate), with magnesia (magnesium oxide) for sheet glass or alumina (aluminum oxide) for bottle glass. Fused silica is an excellent glass but expensive because of pure silica's very high melting point. Borosilicate glass (e.g., Pyrex) is used for cookware and laboratory glassware because it expands very little when heated. Lead crystal is used for fine tableware. It has a heavy feel because of its lead oxide content and a sparkle due to its high refraction index. Even more specialized glasses include optical, photosensitive, metallic, and fibre-optic. Since glass has no sharp melting point, most types can be shaped while hot and plastic by many techniques, mostly blowing or molding. See also volcanic glass.
    But I do like what you did to your side cover!
    Are there any close-ups of the relief of window from outside of case? How even is the lip on the side panel that your window is behind? The lip that the stock window captures when installed and your window fits to.
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    The quote I made above was pulled directly from Mirriam-Webster here and pasted here the same is true for the second definition pulled directly from Wikipedia here. Clearly there is not one clear medium for glass which you suggested and was my only point. Even your pull quote indicates that as well.

    2014-08-25 14.37.19.jpg2014-08-25 14.42.44.jpg

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    MNPCTech does make a full side panel replacement for the Enthoo Pro and Luxe that really simple and easy to install. Sorry to dig up an old post, I recently had mine broken by a flatmates cat.

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