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Thread: Enthoo Luxe or ?

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    Enthoo Luxe or ?

    I have all the parts to build my new pc sitting in my closet. All i need is the case. I was waiting for the Enthoo Luxe to release (March) but have now heard thats been pushed back until the end of Q2. If thats true would you guys wait it out ? Does anyone have any concrete info on when the Luxe will be released?

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    Given the new H440 from NZXT, I think Phanteks will be most anxious to get this out there before the 440 can pick up too much steam.

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    Well, looks like I was wrong .... out of the 5 new case designs, I think the Luxe has by far the one on most peeps buy list ..... thot we'd see the Luxe before the Pro and I think at this point if a form ship date isn't made soon, lotta people will be moving on.

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    I'd defo go for a Luxe if you can wait long enough

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    I agree. The Enthoo Luxe is what I want. I have the Enthoo Primo and love it, but it's bigger than I need. Luxe will hold and do everything I want.
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