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Thread: Enthoo Fan Hub Help

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    Enthoo Fan Hub Help

    I have the Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Professional and a H90 CPU cooler. With Phanteks fan hub that comes with an Enthoo Evolv Temepered Glass tower how should I plug the CPU cooler into the hub? I am confused with the case fans as well (Im adding 1 as well). Do I plug the CPU cooler into the motherboard? Which port? Which fans go into the hub and in which port? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    The Phanteks PWM fan hub is not a PWM fan hub, but a PWM controlled variable voltage fan hub for 3pin fans.
    More details here.

    You need to look at your motherboard manual and figure out what fan headers are really PWM and which are not. Then plug the fan hub into a real PWM one.

    As for your H90, read it's installation manual and hook up it's fans as instructed.
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    So I only have one 4-pin connector (CPU_Fan1) on my motherboard. Every other connector on the motherboard (CPU_Fan2, PWR_Fan1 and CHA_Fan1-3) is a 3-pin.

    Based on this I should plug the PWM fan hub into CPU_Fan1 with a 4-pin cable? If so, where do I plug the pump into CPU_Fan2? Does the fan go into the PWM hub or CHA_Fan1-3 or PWR_Fan1?

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