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Thread: Enthoo Primo Revision & Accessory [suggestions]

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    Enthoo Primo Revision & Accessory [suggestions]

    Hey Everybody what would you like to see in the next Enthoo Primo case?

    Things Id like to see in a Primo revision

    Or next big case from Phanteks what ever they call it.

    • Supplied Option for casters/ wheels
    • Higher quality Acrylic or Lexan Glass
    • better fastener system for side panel glass
    • Option to hinge front panel door right hand or left hand.
    • Even a clear glass panel door might be nice too with a nice aluminum frame for hardware.
    • An easily removable panel that is directly behind the small side panel glass to expose whatever is behind it without having to remove the entire wall there.
    • A lighted Phanteks Case Badge vs not, that you see through the small side panel window.
    • Lighting options similar to the Luxe. On both sides, RGB and expandable.
    • A reservoir bracket attachable to the column that separates the main area and the optical and HDD drive cage area similar to the Luxe but attaching to the vertical column.
    • A bit more space between bottom panel and filters. The holes are too large for some screws (hex heads) when attaching a rad in the bottom requiring a washer and screw. This combination interferes with opening and closing the filters.
    • Two LEDs to illuminate the mobo I/O panel similar to some of NZXT cases.
    • Two LEDs to illuminate Front panel behind door
    • Anti-vibration pads on supplied case fans
    • Extra push pin locks in accessory bin for top and front panels.
    • Possibly a bit wider bottom rad space for greater rad compatibility.

    Phanteks Accessories Id like to see in the future.

    • Anti-Vibration gaskets for the multiple rad configurations all cases. 120,240,360,480,140,280,& 420 gaskets
    • More Phanteks 120mm fan options
    • higher static pressure and RPM 140mm fans (Top of the line radiator fan)

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    +1 for the casters and hinged side panel....

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    Definitely the one about Rad width size in bottom of case, very tight even for 30mm wide 360+ Radiators.
    Why didn't the flagship case get the customizable LED like the Lux.

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