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Thread: Will a 60mm thick 280mm radiator in pull configuration fit at top of Evolv?

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    Will a 60mm thick 280mm radiator in pull configuration fit at top of Evolv?

    Deliberating between getting a UT60 and XT45, any advice will be much appreciated

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    Did you ever get a verification of if the UT60s will fit? I want a 280 up top and a 240 in front, and I'd like to use the UT60s as they have input and output from opposite ends of the radiators and I don't seem to be finding any other choices that fit that requirement

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    Yes this will fit but however as the design is the shelf sticks the rad/fan mounting out in front of the mobo to allow for such accommodations, but the problem that you have to watch for is how long your ram stick are, for example corsairs platinum dominaor series would probably just squeak by in fitting behind the rad fan combo and if you need to access the ram youll have to pull out the shelf out with the rad and fans every time. If your not already planning to use all the space in the front of your case why not just mount it there where it wont be in the way of anything since, you can mount 1 hdd still while fitting a pump under the the 280mm rad setup and your res could be either a horizontally attached one which would need to be very small or it could be mounted to the back panel with the accommodating mounting slots/holes.

    An example of some ram that wouldnt fit with your top mounted rads would be something aftermarket like say the oh so beautiful arctic rc ram heat sinks but those things are monstrous but oh so beautiful ;P

    GL with the build, i love this case to death and wish everyone with one the best of luck with their builds as im going farther than ive ever gone before with my modding and custom work to make this my unique precious little build. Im tired of my simple water cooled setup in an nzxt case with matching leds, i need some custom in my like lol

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