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Thread: Enthoo Luxe defective?

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    Its a SATA connector. Just plug it into a SATA connector on the PSU.

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    Ah okay. The RMA, will only make me unscrew the fan hub and send it in to get a new one, yes?

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    Yes that is correct

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    Okay. I will try again tomorrow, and if failure comes, I will start it.

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    However, my fans work off the motherboard, so my fan hub doesn't really serve as anything, unless I decide to install extra fans.

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    I fixed the LED's, and now it's so pretty. I didn't try to fans, cause I didn't want to rewire it, so I'll do that tomorrow.

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    Basically mate, the Sata cable is optional, but the 4 pin PWM ( fan type ) that also came connected to the hub must go to the CPU Fan connector on the motherboard, so that the hub can get a PWM reading for fan speeds, that way you can control all fans via one channel on the motherboards BIOS, or software.

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    Yeah, I figured that out. I'm figuring mine might be defective, and that the fact I only need to replace that one piece, makes me feel a little better. I'll check it out tomorrow though, I keep forgetting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P00P34 View Post
    I don't think I connected that connector. I only connected the 12V Sata cable. Mind telling me what that does? Also, please for the love of god, make a user friendly manual.
    I have used many computer cases. The last two were Lian Li cases. As I recall, none came with a user manual except for a single sheet diagram. The Phanteks manual is the best I've seen.
    If you need help, HiTech Legion has a good 28 minute video on the Luxe:

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    Brian hi,

    it would be much appreciatted if you could post an image as to where to connect what.
    On my PSU there isn't any connection that would fit the LED power cable. Assume I will need an adaptor ( or whatever the name ).

    Since SATA power cables to my HDDs and SSDs come with extra connections, will these be Ok to connect the RGB Power cable ?

    Thanks and Happy New Year

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