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Thread: Phanteks Enthoo Primo Front panel/dust filter clips faulty

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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo Front panel/dust filter clips faulty

    Hi guys, new to the forum here.

    I received my case a few months ago now, and have put up with not being able to remove my front panel to get to the dust filter without removing the entire front of the case and pushing the clips from either side to get them to disconnect. I filed an RMA form but received no reply from Phanteks so I thought I'd come to the forums to seek help. If possible I'd rather not have to send the case back to the dealer because it would mean disassembling my build. If there's a way to just have replacement clips sent to me so that I can replace them myself, that'd be great. I have all the necessary proof of purchase information at hand

    Here's my build by the way, inspired by the Aegis Avenger ship on Star Citizen (yes it's another Sabertooth white and black themed build):

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    Have you sent an email to ?

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