Me and my friend are Phanteks fans and we used a lot of your product and very happy with it.
I am currently using a Enthoo Pro and its one of the best case that I ever used. My friend is currently using a Enthoo Primo with custom water loops (2 480mm radiator build) for his main system and a Enthoo Evolve for his Lan machine. he just bought a Enthoo Mini LX for his wife Hackentosh/media center build and he said that its a very innovative case. However, despite all the possitive stuffs that he like about the case, he refuse make a switch to the mini LX due to the fact that he is using a x99 XL-atx board that the case didnt support, but on the other hand he also want a twin system build to save some space (he want a streaming pc in his system too).So I think it would be a great idea to make a Enthoo Primo XL that support extreme water cooling and twin Xl-ATX+mini-ITX too.
The concept is pretty simple (I think), took the already fantastic enthoo primo and make it bigger (and better too). Increase it size to fit 2 560mm radiator at the bottom and top will not only allow for insane radiator option, but also allow the M-ATX mobo to have radiator space for better cooling and AIO water cooler option. A great place (i think) to mount the second power supply is above the fan slot next to the mobo IO. mounting the power supply here will prevent the installation of the 560mm rads but still give you option for 360mm, 280mm,... and so on, which still offer great radiator support. I think this is a great idea because its still allow good cable routing and give you the option to use the top PSU for the main system and the bottom one for the M-ITX or the other way around. With this size increase will also allow better support with dual loops/dual pump setup, more storage mounting option (you can completely remove the front HDD mount for air flow or rad mounting and mount it at the cable manage section) and also better cable management too. One thing that I do prefer that this case borrow form the enthoo mini LX is the 5.25inch bay, the enthoo primo bay cover door isnt very useful and can be broken so I think that should go.
I think this case will make Phanteks one of the best case manufacture not only because you guys are listening to the community, but its also offer a wider range of product for everyone. i know quite a few people in my country that want a case that can support 560m rads but cant get their hand on it. The SliverStone TJ11 is extremely rare and although Caselabs cases are great option, its too expensive and due to the fact that they are a family owned business, shipping to any place other then the US or UK proved to be difficult and expensive. Phantek however have a lot of distributer worldwide so the fact that I can just go to a computer store and pick it up save me a lot of troubles. Also, I dont mind to have plastic on my case as long as it's cheaper and don't affect the sturdiness of the frame.
Overall, I think that the both the Enthoo Primo and the Mini LX are great cases, so why not combine them into something epic? If this case does come to the market, I would buy one, and I know a lot of people would too. This is a free Ideal for a big fan.