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Thread: Enthoo Primo Quality Problems

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    Enthoo Primo Quality Problems


    i am from Germany and brought a new Enthoo Primo white on a few Days ago.

    But i have some Quality Problems on it.

    1. Production scrap on the stand offs
    IMG 1.jpg

    2. No Threads on the Bottom Case for the pumpbracket and the HDD bracket.

    IMG 2.jpg

    3. A sharp edge

    IMG 3.jpg

    4. Some missing "edge protection"

    IMG 5 (Large).jpg

    IMG 4 (Large).jpg



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    1. The production scrap on the standoff is actually an alignment standoff to position your motherboard correctly.
    2. The holes you have circled should be threaded. How were the HDD cages secured when you received the case? If they are not threaded or damaged, please send an email to for support.
    3. That is a raw edge on every Primo, and should not cause any harm to wires or tubes.
    4. There is no grommets are installed in those locations because there should not be many cables traveling through.


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    Thanks for the fast reply.

    1. Didn't know that there are alignment standoffs. I only know the normal standoffs, yet. So it's not a bug it's a feature . There are a total of 3, is this correct ?

    2. There were thumbscrews (6-32) in it but the screws were bolted very tight, but only 25% screwed in. So the brackets were loose but i could't tighten or untighten the screws with hand.

    3. + 4. Ah ok thanks 4 the info.


    5.The inside base, where the threads should be, which i had circled is very rough, it feels like sandpaper. Is this normal ?

    6. The whole case is well-thought-out so can you help me with some details on the case.

    A- Should be the 2 alternate pwm hub mounts, if i am right.

    But for what is B and C intended. C could probably be for zip tie ?

    IMG 6.jpg


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    Yes C is for zip ties.
    B is for the side radiator bracket that came in the box.
    I saw your contact us email and I have forwarded it to our international support team. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours you can send an email directly to


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