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Thread: phanteks ph-tc14pe install

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    phanteks ph-tc14pe install

    On a scale from 1 - 10, how wrong did i install these? Judging that every picture i see, doesn't show the 'phanteks' logo on the fans, so i'm assuming i have to flip them.
    also, the arrows show the direction the fan spins. I don't know which direction they're supposed to spin. The front 2 also spin left.

    Thank you11287326_10153444071814343_1448607820_n.jpg
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    Most users would have both fans pushing air through the cooler. So you would have to turn the front fan around and place the second fan in the middle. The arrows should all be facing the same way. This would move air from front to back.


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    Easy way to know which side of fan air comes out of is the side of fan with braces from outer frame to motor in the center. The side of fan with no braces is the side air goes into. I would place one fan on the front of cooler and one in the middle with both moving air toward the back of case so rear exhaust fan can flow the heated air coming out of cooler out the back of case.
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