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Thread: Enthoo Evolv Water Cooling Question

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    Enthoo Evolv Water Cooling Question

    Can you have a 240mm radiator in both the top and front or are there clearance issues? What about a 140mm in the back with a 240mm in the top? Why can't they just release a case made of radiators? I'd buy that.

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    Nobody has tried to water cool it?

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    My guess is they have not tried 240mm radiators in both top and front.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doyll View Post
    My guess is they have not tried 240mm radiators in both top and front.
    What's the point if you're not going to use all available radiator space?

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    The evolve atx? Or are we talking the smaller line of evolv cases?
    You can fit a 240 on top and in front while also having room for a fan in the back, you might be able to pull off a rad and fan in the read if you do a bit of tinkering and or use slim rads.

    Im gonna be fitting a slim 360 in either the front or back a 240 in the other front or back based on where i place the 360, and then ive managed to also find room for a 140 rad in the rear with a fan. I will however be taking out the shelf and drilling my own holes in the top of the shelves housing so i can free up an extra 30mm or so worth of space. Neither the 140 or 240 rads are slim but they are not thicker than the standard size either.

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