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Thread: Enthoo Evolv Build

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    Enthoo Evolv Build


    I just finished building my second ever pc with this case from Phanteks. Also it was the first time for me to play with water cooling and make a custome single loop. I made some pictures that followed some of the process and the final result. I am really happy how everything turned out and could not be more pleased with this PC Untitled-1.jpgUntitled-14.jpgUntitled-13.jpgUntitled-12.jpgUntitled-11.jpgUntitled-10.jpgUntitled-9.jpgUntitled-8.jpgUntitled-7.jpgUntitled-6.jpgUntitled-5.jpgUntitled-4.jpgUntitled-3.jpgUntitled-2.jpgUntitled-15.jpg

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    Nice bit of kit.
    How are your temps when the case is all closed up?

    I heard several overclockers complaining that the air flow on this case is not sufficient. Taking the top cover off allow for a 10C drop on CPU core temps. I've heard this from many builders.

    I really like the look of this case but Phanteks needs to address the lack of air flow in this case. I've watched a ton of reviews on this case but none of the reviewers really did a proper check of the air flow. I hang with plenty of modders/builders that have moved away from this case for this exact issue.

    Here is a link to a review of this case by an extreme over clocker.
    I certainly hope Phanteks fixes this problem.

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