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Thread: I cant seem to find replacement grommets for the life of me...

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    Question I cant seem to find replacement grommets for the life of me...

    So iv been needing another set of my case grommets for my lovely evolv atx mid tower case, i love it to death but theres one spot that doesnt even have a grommet that should and im looking to paint my current ones but in case i change my mind after or dislike the color im looking for a backup pair.
    Ive been doing some digging and it appears phanteks doesnt sell any spare parts besides a small selection of what id call additional parts not so much replacements.
    Not trying to sound rude or anything, i have so much respect for this company and its products.

    Anyways can anyone help me figure out this little issue, are they a standard size of some kind that i cant find? A specific shape or name i have to look for? Im even worried about down the road when they dry up and break down, this is my dream case and will be lasting me forever. Ive even plastidipped the whole thing a custom white color i love it so much.

    Anyways can someone tell me if theres somewhere i can buy replacements, or maybe other grommets that would fit in palce of these for my project? Ill even take any idea on how to go about making my own clean looking grommets if possible (if it really comes to that).

    Any help would be great thanks.

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    I got some here. not on website, but call them if in the uk.

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