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Thread: Evolv X front I/O bracket broken

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    Evolv X front I/O bracket broken

    I received the Evolv X today in flawless condition (so I thought) until I took the front panel off and noticed the I/O bracket tab that holds everything together including the front panel was broken So I contacted Phanteks and asked if its possible just to replace that entire I/O panel. I haven't receive a response yet but does anyone know if this can be done or has had the same problem? I don't want to return the case for exchange. I'm just worried that in the future after removing the front panel for filter cleaning this thing will break again.


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    Sorry to hear your case was damaged in shipment. Mine came in perfect condition.

    You did the right thing contacting Phanteks customer support. For anyone else reading this the email addresses for Phanteks support in our area are:
    Support for USA

    Support for international not in USA is

    Include images of damage in your email and they should be able to help you resolve your problem either by sending you needed parts or having your exchange your case at place you bought it.

    Please let us know it turns out.
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    Phanteks is sending out a new I/O port housing. I don't know if it includes all the cables and ports or not. If it is just the plastic housing how difficult will it be to remove all the ports and RGB buttons?

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