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Thread: Case fans arenít running through fan hun

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    Case fans arenít running through fan hun

    So I just built my first pc and everything runs smoothly except for all of the fans that are connected to the fan hub. I plugged the 4 pin connector from the hub to the CHA_FAN1 connector on my mobo (asrock taichi z370). I have 3 LL120 fans from Corsair on the front and the stock fan in the rear and 2 on top. When I first booted up my pc the from fans would shine their rgb lights like it should but after switching things around to get all the fans to run and then ending up plugging everything back like how it first was the lights wouldn’t even come on. Then I tried to take out all the fan connectors and testing each one at a time. One fan would run but if I plugged in another it would stop or twitch. Also have a 750W G1+ EVGA psu so I don’t think i don’t have enough power? Need some help please. Thanks in advance

    Also the D-RGB FAN and M/B D-RGB 3-pin cables... WHERE DO THOSE GO?!
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