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Thread: Evolv X RGB Case Lighting Question

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    Evolv X RGB Case Lighting Question

    I've completed my case and noticed the case lights are only Yellow. I've tried the color button but Yellow is the only color I get. When I press the color button I'll occasionally see a flash of multiple colors on the front but it always returns to Yellow. Also it only does the Breathing setting the other settings (like radar, sparkle, rainbow, etc.) don't seem to come up.

    I hooked the case to power and the D-RGB cable from the case to the three pin "Addressable RGB Header" port on the motherboard (Asus Maximus XI Hero). I don't have any RGB extras (except my fans that are routed to the motherboard).

    Anyone have any ideas what I could be missing here?



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    I have the exact same problem. Please if someone knows how to correct this issue please reply or if you already fixed this problem please help me.

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    When you connect the RGB cable to your mobo the case buttons are disabled. I think you can only turn the RGBs off with the button.

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