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Thread: Maximus XI Extreme clearance issue on Evolv X

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    Maximus XI Extreme clearance issue on Evolv X

    I have some clearance issues with the Evolv X and the Maximus XI Extreme. The case is E-ATX compatible but the RGB back plate sticks out just enough to touch those slanted braces (red line). Does anyone know if I can removed that entire RGB backplate without having any issues with the other RGB lighting on the board?
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    This is how the motherboard looks in the case. There is some flex near the end. Is this too much?
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    Shouldn't the use of longer mobo standoffs fix the problem ?

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    I don't think so. How would the I/O shield align with the opening of the case?

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    Yeah true. But that flex doesnt look so terrible imo. Or you can use some kind of non conductive screw pad under mobo on the critical standoff to decrease the flex. So the flex will divide across longer part of the mobo.
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    Bummer. I have no idea if that RGB strip an be removed and others will work. Maybe Asus support could answer that question.

    Sense you have already tightened the screws down and everything is working I don't know if I would change anything. The most I would do is loosen them until they are snug against motherboard but leave a gap between motherboard and standoff studs. How much space is there betwen motherboard and standoff when screws are loose? This would spread the flex over a much wider area and lower the chances of breaking a trace. Maybe put a washer between motherboard and standoff so is not between that standoff studs and side of motherboard? But again, any more flexing might break a trace, so anything you do is at your own risk. I wouldn't have tightened those screws in the first place. As soon as I felt them snug up against the motherboard I would have stopped an been looking for the cause .. assuming you could feel them snug up agianst motherboard before tightening them on down.
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