Disclaimer: I've already sent an email to their America support email describing what I'm describing here; I just want others' advice on what to do.

I own the Eclipse P350X case and finished building my PC yesterday. After initial malfunctioning of the lights, I just unplugged the SATA header and went through setting up my PC as usual (just without the pretty front panel lights). Later, out of curiosity, I tried using a different cable, which conveniently had two connection points that could connect to both my SSD and SATA header. This bricked my SSD, causing it to no longer be recognized by my motherboard (even when using different cables to connect it). Testing to see if it was just the cable that bricked my SSD, I connected the SATA header to an entirely different board and power supply—just to see if the light would even work—and the lights turned on. When hitting the power button on my case, the lights turned off, but the computer started. Later, I found out that the second motherboard (only connected to the SATA header and nothing else in my case) was completely fried.

Any advice on what to do?
The PC
The evil cable