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Thread: Phanteks evolve TG shorts out my tv when i touch the top panel???!!??

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    Unhappy Phanteks evolve TG shorts out my tv when i touch the top panel???!!??

    I have a evolve TG in gray. its on a piece of wood that is on the floor. i have an hdmi cable out from a gtx 1080 to my tv. i also have a soundbar connected to my tv using hdmi (ARC). all 3 devices are connected to the same surge protector.

    every now and then i go to plug something into the front usb 3.0 ports. if i tap/touch the top panel it will cause my tv to go black for a few seconds and comes back (so do a quick reset). if i tap it again, it might happen again. but usually a 3rd time nothing happens anymore. when this happens i am not touching anything else, besides my feet (in shoes), touching the floor.

    i was using one of those monster 28gb+ rated cables from the PC to the soundbar, but even after swapping it, it still happened. what could be going on. where is the loop.
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    i think i figured it out.

    if you remove the top panel and flip it over you will see it has metal "lips" or the highest points on each side that run the length of the panel (long ways). another description: the slim edges that would be lowest point of the top panel if the panel was facing the correct orientation (downwards).

    3rd description, imagine you had wet paint on the ground. and you set the top panel in it. then moved the top panel to a clean area and set it down. if you then moved it again, you would see 2 paint lines running from the "edges" or "lips" i speak of.

    i painted clear nail polish on that lip (from end to end). it seems to have solved my problems for now. but i feel like this is a temporary fix?!?
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