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Thread: Evolv X electronic interference

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    Evolv X electronic interference

    hi I have the problem (since I got the evolv x case) that the rgb/fan controller interferes with many sensitive electronic devices like CB radio in the house but only as long as the rgb controler of the case is connected. the interferes are so strong that you can hear the light moving if you are listening to the cb radio and thats a big problem in my house. I wrote the support a month ago, but I get no answer (very good support...). does anyone else have such a problem or does anyone know a solution for it? I would be very grateful for a helpful answer.

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    ok after 2 month i finally got a new controller for my case from phanteks and after testing just the board i got the same problem. so i emailed them again with a video and explaining everything again and the only answer i got was "That is unfortunate. As we cannot check this issue out, we advice you to contact your retailer and follow their RMA procedure." I think it's sad that I get such an answer from phanteks and not just because of the high price for this case...

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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I know about CB radios and their uses and know how important they are in the areas they are popular, but that is really a small part of overall population. Your being the first to experience CB interference is good example of how small the problem is world wide. I suspect if I was Phanteks I would have given you a similar reply.
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    The correction will help to succeed next time.


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