So my build is using the Enthoo Pro M SE tower with an Asus ROG Strix B450-F motherboard. The case has 2 fans with LEDs in the front and I'm keeping it a stock build since it's my first--no extra fans until existing ones work. I've got the power switch and HDD LED hooked into the right spots, the machine turns on.

The fan and LED wiring leaves me with questions. I've got 4 prong wiring from the case that seems to have what looks like power splitters, with two 4 prong connectors open. One is labelled "Connect this connector to Phanteks LED strips only." The other is not labelled and I assume should get power from a motherboard 4 prong spot. The other 2 connectors which I though were LEDs are only 3 prong connectors--what are they and where do they connect? They all (3 and 4 prong stuff) seem to go to the general area of the fans. Are the 3 prong connectors actually fan power?