Hey guys I’ll be putting together my first PC this weekend. I’ve replaced a power supply, but that’s pretty straight forward. This is the first time for me seeing some of these cables that come with case and I’m a little confused.

The SATA cable that comes from the case, I’m not sure where to plug that in at? I was told it’s either an LED or fan controller, would that have a plug in to the motherboard or run it straight to the power supply?

Lastly, my case came with 2 Halo RGB fan frames. They were mounted to the outside of the intake fans, I removed them because I only like RGB inside the case, nothing too visible from outside. Anyways, I removed them and want to put them on a fan inside the case, and I read that some people had to buy an adapter to make it work for them. Where would you plug it in, if your motherboard had a spot for it?