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Thread: Luxe 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turanga View Post
    Isn't there anyone from Phanteks watching these forums ????
    Quote Originally Posted by doyll View Post
    You clearly posted a question to everyone.
    As i previously wrote, i am glad you are not a Phanteks rep.

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    I just asked my Phanteks rep and there is no release date at this time. Keep in mind Computex starts in a couple weeks and that is when many new releases / products are announced.

    For future reference, Phanteks has customer support email addresses on their websites. Keep in mind Phanteks has website for everywhere but North America and one just for Norht America website, so send your enquiry to one in your area.
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    Two friends from college and myself have been waiting for this case since Jan. Because it has taken so long to produce we will now wait for the new Ryzen cpus as well , at least the wait wont be a complete waste of time for just a pc case . Which goes to show ofc what brand loyalty will do .

    Speaking for myself i can wait till August, but if i can buy the Ryzen 3000 cpus then i ll buy the Luxe2 or the Lian Li dynamic Rog2 edition , whichever comes first .

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