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Thread: rgb halo lux electric humming or buzzing when not at full power

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    Unhappy rgb halo lux electric humming or buzzing when not at full power

    any one else notice a humm or buzz from the halos?

    if i have them on a single color, with no "effect" they are fine.

    but when i do any of the effects it kicks in. i think it has something to do when they arent receiving full power? if thats a thing.

    it only kick in when they join the effect. like if i set it to "wave" in asus aura, i dont hear anything until the wave hits the Halos. and since they slowly get brighter you can hear it slowly get louder.

    for example lets say the lights start at 0 (off) and go to 100 (on full power). i can hear it from about 15% to 95%. and it gets louder as they get brighter. but at full power, like single color with no effect, there is no sound.

    not a big deal for me. i like a solid color. just wonder if its worth sending in for. i kind of would hate to have to dig into my case again (the shift is a pretty difficult case to work in when you have 2 AIO's in it). but if this can lead to bigger issues, i would want to exchange/rma them i guess.

    adding: it does it during the color cycle effect too which is weird, since that doesnt really go low to high (brightness). it just cycles colors at full brightness.
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