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Thread: 12 3.5 HHD in a ENTHOO PRIMO

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    12 3.5 HHD in a ENTHOO PRIMO

    Hi, I'm trying to fit (12) 3.5 mechanical HDD's in a Enthoo Primo.

    Is it possible to replace the SSD mounts on the rear of the 5.25 cage with the (PH-HDDKT_01)3.5" HDD BRACKET?

    I was going to use this x4 3.5 HDD mount that attaches to a 140mm fan/space. I was going to attach it the Back/lower 140mm fan space on the case. (140mm Hard drive rack)

    If i can get two 3.5 HDD on the back of the 5.25 cage that makes 12.
    Thanks for the help. have a great day :-)
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