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Thread: Enthoo Pro M TG - Top fans mounting ON TOP of bracket?

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    Enthoo Pro M TG - Top fans mounting ON TOP of bracket?

    Enthoo Pro M: Is it possible to mount the top fans ABOVE the bracket? Or directly to/below the ceiling of the case and not using the bracket?
    There is little space between motherboard with a large CPU cooler (Noctua D15s) and the case roof, and Id prefer not to see the fans hanging into the motherboard too much, and have some clearance to the CPU cooler.

    Proposed build:


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    Red face Enthoo Pro M ceiling fans with Noctua D15s cooler

    I have solved the issue like below.
    I kicked the radiator caddy out and attached the fans directly to the ceiling grill, with rubber mounts.
    Leaves enough space between Noctua D15s cooler and the fans.





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