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Thread: Evolv X mITX build

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    Evolv X mITX build


    I completed a build in an Evolv X last week, containing an Asus ROG Maximus XI e-ATX mainboard, Intel 9900k and a Corsair H150i 360 rad which is placed in front pulling air in.

    Next I'm adding a mITX Hackintosh build with an Intel 9700k, no GPU and a M.2 Samsung Pro drive. I already have the Phanteks Revolt X installed.

    My question, what cooling should I use? The 9700k won't be overclocked (or maybe slightly) and in most cases the mITX will run alone for office/photo editing. Mainboard: either an Asus Rog Strix Z390i or a Gigabyte Auros Pro Wifi.

    I was planning to use a Corsair AIO with single or dual fans (H100v2/H115i or H80i) blowing hot air out of the case.

    There's also a fan in the back blowing hot air out. That one is controlled by a fan header on the Maximus XI.

    Suggestions are welcome!

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    I would use a good air cooler instead of CLC. You will get better cooling that is way more dependable and long lasting for less money. But as you already have a CLC in the front I guess this post is too late.
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    Yes, I have a CLC installed in front so I figured to go CLC too on the ITX build.

    However, I completed the mITX build today and installed a Corsair H75 AIO above. Everything is running great and more or less cool. The 9700k in the mITX is running default clock speed while the 9900k is running at 5Ghz. The 9700k is running 36 degrees idle, same for the 9900k. The 9900k will go up to 78 degrees on load.

    One issue however. If you power on the mITX build alone, all (sata connector) devices will start too. The fans on the front AIO used for the main build were running. Even the fans of the GPU were running while the main system was powered off.

    So, you'll need to power on the main system first and than power on the mITX. The mITX cannot run standalone in my case.

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