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Thread: Fans with Phanteks Halos lights

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    Fans with Phanteks Halos lights

    Phanteks Evolv X case, Asus Maximus XI Extreme MoBo, Cooler Master ML360R RGB cooler, ASUS RTX 2080ti card, 2 M.2 drives, 32 gigs memory and four Phanteks fans with Halos Digital lighting.
    No monitor or keyboard yet. For the first time I turned the system on using the start button on the MoBo. All the fans came on - two of three Phanteks fans on the front slow to start but then ok.
    Lights on the MoBo, Cooler and Graphic card came on BUT NONE OF THE HALOS LIGHTS.
    Should they come on or must I wait to use software after Windows is set up to turn them on?

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    Stupid me. After dazy chaining I never connected to the MoBo. All fan lights are on. HOWEVER, still a problem. Pressing the Mode button for 2 seconds turns off the led behind the front panel but pressing a second time has no affect. Pressing the color button has no affect. Must the motherboard software be run before anything works right?

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    I fixed the "still a problem"

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