Hey people,

So I built my first PC the other day and to my surprise everything is working perfectly, except for the chassis front fans LED-lightning. There are 4 cables which I've not yet figured out how to connect.

Two of them comes out of the front panel, which I assume are the cables for the LED lightning. Another is an extra SATA cable that has the text 12v input 416 on it with a 2-pin connector, and lastly there's a cable coming from the top of the chassi that says to only connect with phanteks LED-strips.

I tried plugging in the front panel cables with the LED-strip cable that comes out of the top of the case but it didn't work. I tried that again, this time plugging in the 2 pin sata connector into the motherboard (which im not sure was the right connector as I couldnt find anything about it in the motherboard manual) and the computer didnt even boot lol. Now I'm just at a loss. Anyone that can help? It would be much appreciated!!

Pictures of the cables: https://imgur.com/a/tZ33AaT