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Thread: Evolv Shift Air and-or Mesh Panels release

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    Evolv Shift Air and-or Mesh Panels release

    is there any info on when this is going to be released? I'd love to order a pair of the mesh panels for my Evolv Shift for summertime.

    I gets hot as crap in here and having the additional airflow especially for the GPU would help keep temps in check in the hot weather.

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    I'm hearing early next month. If they are released then you will be able to use them in late summer heat.
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    Well the big thing is it would allow me to swap the GPU to have the fans facing outward. Right now with the glass, that chokes the GPU as there is like 2mm between the glass and the GPU, but if had the mesh, it would draw in outside air.

    I suppose i could just leave the back glass panel off for now.

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