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Thread: Enthoo Pro PH-ES614P_BK Front panel headphone jack not working.

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    Enthoo Pro PH-ES614P_BK Front panel headphone jack not working.

    So I just noticed that the front panel headphone jack on my newly built PC doesn't seem to be working. Not only do I get no sound, but the SoundBlaster app doesn't pop up a window when I plug my headphones in like it does for every other audio jack. I tried updating drivers and re-seating the plug in the motherboards F_AUDIO header, but still no luck.

    Comparing my motherboard's manual to the case manual, I see there seems to be some discrepancy in the pinouts between the motherboard header and the case plug, though I'm not sure if these are just different names for effectively the same pins:

    Pin Motherboard Header Case Plug
    1 MIC2_L MIC2 L
    2 GND AGND
    3 MIC2_R MIC2 R
    5 LINE2_R FRO-R
    6 Sense MIC2_JD
    8 No Pin No Pin
    9 LINE2_L FRO-L
    10 Sense LINE2_JD

    This looks mostly right, and it would be really odd if either the MB or the case did not use standard pin layout for this plug. I'm just not too sure about pins 6, 7, and 10.

    So do I have a weird compatibility issue, or just a bad front panel audio jack?

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    Am having tha same issue!
    I have the Primo Case.
    Did you solve the problem?
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