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Thread: Paint color/code for Anthracite Grey Phanteks cases?

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    Paint color/code for Anthracite Grey Phanteks cases?

    Hello everyone! I've been unable to find this information and I'm hoping someone here may be able to help.

    I need to touch up some spots on an Anthracite Grey Phanteks P600S (and it would be good to know for other grey Phanteks cases as well, I have the grey Shift, Shift X and P400 too). The closest I could find was some Rust-Oleum "Flat Antique Nickel", but it's a bit too shimmery and a shade lighter than what Phanteks uses.tweakbox appvalley

    Would anyone know of a matching factory paint or code I can use to get some made?
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    Trying to buy off the shelf matching paint is almost impossible. Have you tried looking at automotive touchup paint? Maybe one of them would match.

    Next best way is find an automotive paint shop that can match the color using a door or something from your case. Once they match it,a low-cost air-brush is probably best way forward .. there are some not too expensive air-brush setups if you shop around. Another option is find paint shop that can match color and then put that paint into spray cans, but you will end up with 2-3 big cans so quite expensive.
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