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Thread: Enthoo Luxe 2 release date

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ale_Kyo View Post
    Hi guys.
    Anyone knows when will be available the Luxe 2?
    I want it to make my new setup and custom with hard tube, but i can't find nothing online. Only a vague "August"

    Need this case ... now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elon View Post

    Need this case ... now
    They said 2 weeks, so i imagine that aroud August 15 will be the date

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    any news about it?

    what are the dimensions of the case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidalsh68 View Post
    any news about it?

    what are the dimensions of the case?
    No news at today. I hope that we could know something in the next week.

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    It seems the moment is almost here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZinoAmare View Post
    I must have it!
    Me too. I have everything ready for my next build except this damn case

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    Well its 15 August here now but I assume USA time lol is the one

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    Nothing on Newegg yet....

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    I have the suspect that they want to present the case at Gamescom at this point.
    Could it be? i don't know if GC usually is used to present new PC products

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