So talking shortly , I am from Poland. I am owner of Phanteks Enthoo Primo Special Edition RED and now I waiting for availability of newest Phanteks Pro 2 and Enthoo 719 I want take both of them, as first I want take Enthoo Pro II beacuse I prefer better airflow and like metal mesh in front with separate dust filter behind it and only dust filter on top (it is a pity that no such removable metal mesh on top same as in front).
I want install all possible FANS into it , but unfornatelly Phanteks forget to add Universal Fan Controller into Phanteks Pro 2 which is installed in Enthoo 719... So as I remember when I bought some time ago my Entho Primo SE I saw a 2 types of fan controller from Phanteks which were available in Poland and in many stores:
Small One with blue Phanteks logo http://www.phanteks.com/PH-PWHUB.html
and 10 FAN Universal fan controller http://www.phanteks.com/PH-PWHUB_02.html

Right now those controllers are unavailable in my whole country, even Amazon don't have them (they have small one in few stock) but I want to buy second one which is unavailable everywhere.

Why Phanteks not still sell them!?!? What to do now ? How to get them?
Why Phanteks not put same one which is in Enthoo 719 into Phanteks Pro II case?

I got 5.25 drive bay fan controller with LCD but again there is no 5.25 bays in present days cases which is completely incomprehensible to me.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 is case closest to my best air cooling imaginations but I also expect from case to deliver me at least 1-2 5.25 drive bays for a dvd/blue-ray drive and possible other front panel controller(like my fan controller) or to mount extra 4xusb 3.0 panel in front.

I want say some about present days cases from all producers - some things I dislike and which make for me 99% of them are not for me , prevent me from bought them.

1.Overall Looks over functionality - Too much glass everywhere (left side is enough for me, can be also in front but removable (only glass)-after removing glass panel only there should be metal mesh and dust filter behind separately still in front which can be removing in cases of high PC load for better aircooling , not necessary expenssive LED FANS mounted, Putting glass panels on front and top right in the front of fans limiting significaly inhaust/exhaust.Phanteks right now is a single producer who meets most of my requirements about cases but not all of them.
2.No dust filters on the top in most other producers cases also putting metal cover right on the top fans with little shaft behind.
4.No 5.25 drive bays - I NEED at least 1 or in optimal scenario 2 of them especially for big Phanteks cases which can consume up to 15 fans - this allows to install fan controller or/and dvd/blu-ray drive in standard without buying expansions to get it - because they are hard available here.But fans should not interfere with number of fans and still should be possible to install 3x140mm fans on top and front.

Biggest mitake Phanteks make in Enthoo Pro 2 is not deliver universal fan controller with it.
At this moment almost all respectable producers fan controllers for 10 fans are unavailable so I can't buy any good one and also can't use my 5.25 led controller because case (enthoo pro 2) don't have even single 5.25 bay and putting this controller inside (which I can do somehow) have no sense because controller have 6 potentiometer to regulate voltage for each canal, so everytime I want to change voltage/fan speed i must remove side glass panel which is mounted on screws (propably) not hinged.
Just produce some of them and send over the world !!! Both versions...

Also at the end I want say that I had hope finally I see my perfect case and for now only Phanteks is very close to do it.
What is needed to do that 2 examples with your 2 cases :

1.Enthoo Pro 2
-add 1-2 drive bays in the front maintaining the current possibilities of mounting fans, I mean 3x140 in front and in
top in package or you guys can replacing power button somewhere else and do some kind of bulge on the front part of
the top which have two 5.25 drive bays in it but still hold possibility to mount 4x120 or 3x140 in front and top.
Also as alternative you can add 2 5.25 internal mounts same as now are 4x3.5 for HDD because currently people rarely
uses dvd drives - only to boot some system recovery software or install windows mostly.
- TOP of case : leave magnetic dust filter as it is now but add a removable flat metal mesh panel like one used in
enthoo primo se on it's top.
- ADD universal fan controller into this case - better pay little more than worry then where to buy if everywhere are
- Removable Metal mesh before dust filter on front will looks better than current one IMO (same as one on Primo SE on
-Lack of nice front right side RGB from 719


-Everything else

2.Enthoo 719

-No 1-2 5.25 drive bays in package (front or even internal mounts)
- I don't like front and top plastic covers - I prefer removable metal mesh from enthoo primo SE top (black color) instead


At the end some words about availability of PHANTEKS PRODUCTS IN POLAND.

I don't know phanteks know that but ALL optional case and other accessories are super hard available here in Poland and for example amazon provides them but with shipping cost at for example oddbay for 719 cost around 25$ and they want extra 35$ for shipping so shipping cost is higher than product.NO THANKS TIME TO improve distribution and significantly increase the availability of products over europe also in individual European countries like Poland.Maybe find some Poland official distributor instead of german caseking.de which is simply ...german and care about germany not a Poland.We have here 2 good sellers which are official Poland Distributors of many brands like MSI,GIGABYTE itc. Its a https://www.komputronik.pl/ and https://www.x-kom.pl/ and I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to establish direct cooperation with one of them to significantly improve the availability of phanteks products in Poland.Because Phanteks cases are available but there is problem with everything else from fans,fan controllers to all case accessories. And no one want buy products with international shipping which cost higher than a product price. So in consequence if I want oddbay for 719 right now which is a small piece of metal I must pay 1/3 of price of whole Enthoo 719 case to get it from Amazon with international shipping and what is most idiotic I got Amazon Warehouses 100km from my home and I even working there some time ago.But they don't send locally with normal local delivery costs but everything going through germany even if they warehouse is "visible from my home window" )) THIS p..s me off seriously.
PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THIS to allow clients like me in Poland buy any of your products without any problem without irrational amounts of international delivery cost which excess of the cost of the product.

GOOD LUCK with future products I hope finally I get a perfect air cooling case with 15 fans (3x120/140) top&front,4x120 or 3x140 bottom , 4x120 side and 1/2x140 back ,2 x 5.25 bays,fan controller and metal mesh in front and top + magnetic dust filters everywhere.