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Thread: Enthoo Primo SE included PWM HUB question

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    Question Enthoo Primo SE included PWM HUB question

    What happen if I connect only sata power to Enthoo Primo PWM HUB (also on any third party PWM HUBs) but not connect PWM connector to MB. Fans will run at full speed or I can damage hub?

    I say that Enthoo Primo SE hub has PWM 4pin connector to MB,Sata Power and rest of fan connectors are 3 pin only. Instructions says : HUB adding PWM control to 3 pin fans and 5 of included fans are 3pin.

    So can I connect only sata power without connecting 4pin pwn cable and all fans will be running safely?

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    Sorry for slow reply. Not been on computer for awhile.

    My guess is fans would run at full speed all the time, but I'm really not sure. Never tried it.
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