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    Help need parts

    thought i would post this here , Need some help just got one of theses cases ( Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Chassis Black ) give to me , here in Australia there just too expensive but was glad to this but some parts were missing can anyone help (1 hard drive tray plus the sleds , motherboard stand offs or the tool kit that came with the case , 1 - 4 pin fan pwr female to female lead must have come with the case have emailed in the us they just dont email back and its starting to get frustrating so if you some spears just let know thanks mark

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    Neat and elegant design that is recognized by the refined aluminum front and top panels. Controllable LED lighting (LED strip and Fan LED). Polished chamfers that subtly accentuate the exhaust and intake areas. Stealth interior: hidden PSU / hidden HDD / hidden cables and grommets (modular cable cover). The specs: 1 x 140mm fan on top, 2 x140mm LED fans in front, 1 x 140mm fan in the rear, and 1 x 140mm fan on the bottom.
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