Thats the main question for me. I have a lot of friends (streamers, youtubers and just general gamers) in Russia and Ukraine and some of them desperatly need good cases. The situation there is pretty bad, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of hardware that is on the market.
I`m a proud owner of the Enthoo Luxe with the LED kit and an X99-System inside and i absolutely love that case. Saw it in the shop and could not go home without it.
And i hope russian speaking people would be able to enjoy that feeling too, to have a well built case that can take everything what they need and stay with them for a while.

The only way right now is a german shop computeruniverse, they have a russian version of the shop and are selling products from Germany, shipping them to Russia and Ukraine. Sadly your cases are too heavy and the main problem is the russian Post there, breaking everything that can be broken. They even managed to break a barbell and some weights - dont ask me how it is possible to break that stuff. And the shipping cost for a heavy case from Germany to Russia makes it a bad option for the price, adding up to 40$ to the actual price + the import crap and taxes.

Can you guys do something about it?)

I can do it on my own, sending double packaged cases with a "fragile" sticker over there, but thats the last hope for my friends over there to actually get a Phanteks case in one piece