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Thread: Greetings from Germany.

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    Greetings from Germany.

    Hey guys and girls.
    A proud owner of the Enthoo Luxe here, running a X99-System inside, cooled by a modded Raijintek Triton with a 360mm Coolstream radiator mounted on top
    And i love that case, its a beast but still moveable without 2 guys or breaking my back
    And i also love that fact that Phanteks has managed to rush over the case market instantly, taking over almost every formfactor. The only thing that i miss (not really me, my friends in the east, who keep whining about Phanteks cases not being avaliable in their countrys) is the presence in Russia, Ukraine and generally in that area.
    As a native russian speaker, i have a lot of contacts over there and the hardware supply situation there is worse than any horror movie...
    Not a single pure PC parts shop exists there, that would come close to something like Caseking in Germany or NCIX in USA & Canada.. They sell fridges next to PCs and parts are hard to get and/or extremly overpriced.
    But enough sad things here. It will get better :-)
    And maybe i can help, with some contacts to reviewers over there. If there is any interest - ask me, would do anything to promote Phanteks products in that area.

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    Greeting from the United States! Enjoy your stay!
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