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    Enthoo primo

    well I got this tower last year was a few faults with it
    window not very clear,
    some screw holes not lining up
    one side was damaged (box was in perfect condition),
    paint coming away where the door screws fit, top mesh makes a noise (buzzing)
    I wrote to phanteks even mentioned the window here in the forums but never heard a thing, now my pwm controller has died so until I can get one (about five days) I am stuck with a couple of fans ( not good when I have watercooling)
    I went to phanteks store to buy a new one but they don't ship to Denmark (only 6 hours away from Holland
    hence I have to buy the hub thru another shop and that's why 5 days for shipping.
    basically really disappointed with it all I proberly wont buy a phanteks again purlly because of the bad customer service..

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    Since you are international you would need to send an email to

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