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Thread: Enthoo Primo Case

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    Wink Enthoo Primo Case

    I,m the guy who always purchased Dell,HP for a home computer. Well I started my first build. I choose this case for 2 reasons, size and color as I have never purchased a case before I did a lot of questions, reading and U Tube.
    Well the case came and it is MASSIVE and the orange interior is perfect for my Denver Broncos Build. I found good workmanship and packaging.
    Got build started and up and running but have a couple of questions.

    1. I thought you could change the color of the led strip and front fans.

    2. If you put more led fans in could these be controlled also?

    If anyone could help me with these matters it would be great.

    Well back to working on the build.

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    Welcome @wyowalleye,
    Unfortunately the Primo does not have the ability to change the LED colors. The Enthoo Luxe is the case that has the LED controller that allows you to select 1 of 10 different color options.
    You can connect more LED fans to the system and have them controlled by the same LED switch at the top of the case if they have 2-pin connectors like the Phanteks ones do. Or you can purchase a molex powered LED strip that will also turn on and off with the LED switch.

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