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    After a couple of years of faithful service I though it was about time I upgraded my old XSPC water cooling a new Raystorm block,nice white rad.and a XSPC res.with D5 pump.Stripped all the old system but the trouble is can't get the new res.and pump in.The screw on the pump protrudes past the res..I won't swear but I am not f------ happy.First picture you can see where the screw ring is protruding past the res.,second picture you can see where the res. is higher than my original oneCIMG0248.jpgCIMG0249.jpg

    Just to say this is going in Phanteks Luxe which is replacing my H440.I have emailed XSPC and they havn't even had the decency to reply.For me they have shot themselves in the foot.Can get the but where it protrudes on the screw ring it will damage the case.Seems like XSPC have got too big for their boots.
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    pic 3 of res
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    If the default D5 mounting nut doesn't work with out mods or empty drive bay above, then XSPC should have included a nut that would work.

    XSPC is low quality from my experience. The owner of XSPC is an A_____e.
    Fix it via a mod, because XSPC support won't be getting back to you anytime soon. Read above line to get the reason.
    -mark the 3 flutes protruding above the res with a paint stick or scriber
    -remove nut and file down the flutes.
    -test fit nut
    -put in case.
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