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Thread: Enthoo Luxe build

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    Amazing build. I didn't know it could fit 4 radiators. Nicely done

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    Im building my tempered glass luxe will be done after the weekend hopefully.
    I've done alittle moding I'll post some pics when the metalwork is done.

    My water cooling loop hopefully work plan is to place an EKWB XT360 rad in the front will be a tight fit the XT is 65mm thick rad and i decided on a Alphacool NexXxos ST30 at the top push/pull will use ML pro red led fans for everything.
    Going to slap on EKWB EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 PWM Serial for pump with X3 reservoirs 2 400mm tubes and 1 250 tube at the back slot

    I went for 19mm tubing and fittings should be really nice and silent loop I hope I'm really going for a challenge here hopefully it will succeed .
    More progress updates soon.

    And ur build is awesome got some ideas from it to .

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